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Mulberry tree - Morus

by Matteo Lor
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Mulberry tree

Name: Mulberry tree - Morus
Description: Mulberry trees produce mulberries, which are a delight to eat in summer. These trees can grow quite large and are often full of birds trying to eat the berries.

Mulberry leaves are the sole source of food for silkworms.

Size: Up to six metres in height.
Conditions: Mulberry trees enjoy plenty of nutrients, water and full sun if possible. It's worth tying the young trees to stakes because they can become top heavy quickly.

Mulberry tree

Propagation: The most common method of propagation is cuttings. However, seed raised trees have superior health and perform better over time.

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the variety in the photograph is Morus Alba the "White Mulberry" it grows very quickly and produces fruit the size of a pea.
The best fruiting Mulberry is the Morus Nigra the "Black Mulberry" fruit grow to be the size of your thumb and when ripe are very dark red to almost black.
Best results are obtained from grafted cultivars.
I would not recommend planting near a fence the fence will be gone in 5 years.the plants if allowed to develop will reach a height of 40 feet and a speed of 50 feet this will take well over 150 years and specimens have been known to live as long as 300 years and much longer in favourable conditions.
The Black Mulberry has a dark green leaf with small hairs in its upper surface, the leaf of the White is smooth and light green as depicted in the photograph.
White Mulberry plants are extremely rapid growers and tend to lack form and develop an ungainly lanky appearance again that should not be grown near a fence.
Hi rolls. Thank you for your comment - it's always great learning more about plants (and particularly those in one's own garden)! I think though that there have already been some black berries off this plant. Can it still be a white mulberry?

It would be great if you would contribute to Plantpedia. Judging from your response you certainly seem to know quite a lot about horticulture, and I'm sure the community would really appreciate your expertise!
we have several in our yard, and I just love to eat them in the blooming seasons
I love mulberries! So nice to eat right off the tree or in a pie. The juice stains everything but it's worth it. I read somewhere that you can use the unripe berries to get out the stains, but I have yet to test the theory.
I think I'll let you try that one first, Jennifer!
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