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Turkish Pine (Pinus brutia)

by atlea

Pine tree.

Name: Turkish Pine (Pinus brutia)

Description: P. brutia is a pine tree native to the Mediterranean and naturalised in many parts of the world. It is often grown for its ornamental beauty.

Pine tree.
Close-up of the bark.

Size: Under favourable conditions this pine can reach heights of around 30 - 45 meters with a diameter of around 1.5 - 2.5 meters.

Pine tree.
A pine, approximately 15 metres high.

Conditions: P brutia, like most other members of the genus Pinus prefer light, warm and sandy soils, with a pH slightly acidic. However, it is a fairly tolerant species and will also grow well in less ideal conditions.

A row of pines.
A row of pines.

Propagation: P. brutia spreads via seed in a peculiar manner: After the flower-heads have been pollinated cones begin to form, which will grow and mature and then fall off. They will remain closed, locking the seeds inside, until the ambient temperature reaches around 25 - 30 degrees celsius, when they will open and the seeds 'shoot' out to be eaten by birds and spread via their droppings.

Pine tree.
A close up of a pine cone and branch.

When to plant: It is recommended to grow a small seedling in a warm and sunny location from mid-spring to summer. However, if raised in a warm climate, it can be grown all year round.

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