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What is your favourite flower to grow?

by VerityG (follow)
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Rose garden climbing fence flower plant bush
Photo via VerityG

What is your favourite flower to grow? Is it low maintenance or do you have to spend a lot of time on it? Why is it your favourite above other flowers?

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Top Answers
As you might be able to tell from the photograph, I love growing roses! Traditional advice makes them seem difficult to grow, particularly with all the pruning dos and don'ts but I ignore that, prune as and when I wish, and generally my roses flourish!
The rose in the photo doesn't have much scent but I do have others that are not so fabulous to look at but that have a glorious smell. I also have a yellow rose bush climbing through some ivy which I love. This doesn't get any attention at all and it seems to thrive on it.
Roses are definitely up there, and I agree wit you, Verity. They're easy! Hack the crap out of them at the end of winter and fertilise. They do the rest on their own! Lavender is also easy to grow, requires no pruning, and looks fantastic. Daisies and the daisy family .... the same. I like things that grow without effort and are bright and colourful.
For some reason, I love growing passionfruit flowers. I love how interesting and almost other-wordly the flowers are when they grow. And they always have great colours.

I also like artichoke flowers with their magnificent purple.
Here is a great link for artichoke flowers.
Wow, they are spectacular!
Thanks Verity!
Snow drops because my grandmother had them in her garden and every year when they bloom they remind me of her.
My favourite flower would have to be the Sunflower. The very nature of its beautiful yellow and black face makes you smile, they are vibrant and full of joy. They are hardy in our environment and easy to grow. A great flower to introduce kids to gardening with - it is very hard to kill the old sunflower.
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