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What type of compost bin do you have?

by Matteo Lor (follow)
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Compost bin

What type of compost bin do you have?

There are a range of compost bins available on the market. Some are very fancy - while others are simple. Which one do you use - and why?

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Top Answers
I have a simple plastic one, similar to the one in the photo. We just don't have room for anything better! We make more compost than we have room to use as well, so some does go in the garden bin to be taken to the municipal compost heap.
My parents have built their own compost heap and it's great. My dream is to have a big garden with room for a really good heap and enough flower beds to use all the compost it produces!
That sounds like a great dream, Verity. Hopefully you get there! A nice and big garden is something I'm definitely interested in too.
I've got a very simple one. Quite like the one in the picture. Why? Because we inherited it when we moved into our new house!
Same story! Plastic, inherited.
We have one just like the compost bin pictured. We also have a rotatable compost bin (Maze).
I have a similar plastic one as the one pictured. It's okay but gets very dry. I am starting to compost like my dad did, a section of garden with a simple hole into which I chuck my scraps, placing a little soil over top. When it's full I'll just cover with a layer of soil and leave until it's broken down. Some I'll use in other parts of the garden but most I'll leave and use as a new garden plot.
Then I'll dig a fresh compost hole in a different part of the garden!

That seems to be a very common-sense method of composting actually!

I just dump everything in the compost and it breaks down quite quickly. Even if it's gross wet stuff it still goes in. I think because I put in used straw bedding from my ducks it seems to break down quite well.
Actually we have a fenced off yard that's about 3m squared and we chuck everything in it. The chooks go in and dig it up for us and leave added compost. Once a year we dig it up and stick it in the hothouse, and often enough, we get surprise tomatoes or pumpkins out of it.
That's great! I know we get surprise pumpkins from our compost. They grow REALLY well, but I think that their flavour isn't wonderful...

Great for big casseroles though!
We use a very simple heap supported on three sides by wooden planks and some old plastic roofing and open on the fourth side for easy access. It works quite well and attracts a good amount of wildlife to the garden, too!
We have a plastic rotating compost bin.
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