Bell Pepper Capsicum annuum

Bell Pepper Capsicum annuum


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Name: Bell Pepper, Capsicum (Capsicum annuum)

Description: C. annuum is an herbaceous annual plant, native to Mesoamerica and brought back to Europe and Asia by Columbus and later expeditions. It is grown for the fruit it produces, which is an economically important crop.

C. annuum seeds

Size: Under adequate conditions this plant will grow into a tall and wide bush, usually between 50 - 110 cm in height. The fruits can reach sizes of up to 15 - 20 cm in length.

A maturing plant, showing the stem nodes.

Conditions: C. annuum loves hot, humid climates, as it originates from the tropical regions of Mesoamerica. A well-mulched soil with an average temperature of around 25 degrees celsius is ideal for growth.

Propagation: C. annuum spreads by seed via its fruit. It also grows flowers prior to fruiting which attract bees to pollinate.

A close-up of a flower.

When to plant: Mid-spring is the recommended planting time. It is best planted indoors and grown to a seedling, then transplanted outside well after the last frost, as it is fairly frost intolerant.


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