Canarian Ivy Hedera canariensis

Canarian Ivy Hedera canariensis


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Name: Canarian Ivy (Hedera canariensis)

Description: The Canarian Ivy is an evergreen perennial shrub native to the Canarian Islands as well as parts of North Africa. It is a climber, using its aerial rootlets to cling onto surfaces and is therefore often grown to cover walls and similar structures.

Size: The vine can reach heights of 20 - 40 metres if it grows in a favourable condition where sufficient climbing space is available.

Ivy climbing up an electricity pole. Note the fine rootlets stretching ahead of the main plant body.

Conditions: Hedera canariensis thrives best in fertile, moist soil and with plenty of sunlight.

Detail of the leaves.

Propagation: The Canarian Ivy spreads by its seeds, which are eaten by birds and spread widely.

Ivy completely covering an otherwise bare pole.

When to plant: If grown domestically, it is recommended to plant Ivy in early spring, after the last frosts. Provide the Ivy with ample climbing opportunities, such as by planting it on the North/East facing side of a high wall, or similar.

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