Cherry tree

Cherry tree


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Name: s come in hundreds of varieties. The most edible cherry comes from either Prunus Avium ( wild or sweet cherry) or from Prunus cerasus (sour cherry).

Description: Cherry is a deciduous fleshy stone fruit that comes from the plants of the genus Prunus. The fruit is soft and round with smooth glossy texture with the colour ranging from pale to deep red.

Sweet cherries are the most popular cherries. The sweet cherry tree is a medium sized tree that can be grown in varied environments. To produce a significant amount of fruit, this plant requires cross pollination.

The sour cherry tree has the ability to self pollinate and hence it is easier to grow. The fruit of sour cherry tree is good for cooking as well and can be used to make jams, preserves and other edible condiments.

The cherry trees need to be exposed to cold winters so that they produce abundant fruit in summer. Cherry plant usually grown well in well drained soil. Since they are dwarf trees, they cannot be planted very close to each other and need at least 20-25 feet space between them.

Soil PH for cherries range between 6.0 to 6.8 which is slightly acidic.

The trees are planted in early spring or autumn. The plant needs approximate 1000 hours of chilled winter below 45°F . Sweet cherries bloom earlier than sour cherries and need to protected from frost.


Sweet cherry plant is prone to bird, worm and moth attacks. Also, these trees need to carefully monitored for any disease. The disease can be anything but not limited to brown rot, powdery mildew, leaf spots and virus attack.

Cherries make a delicious fresh fruit and are also used to make jams, preserves, pies and tarts.

Cherry wood has fine texture and beautiful colour and is used to make furniture. The cherry wood has a characteristic aroma as well.

plant has a great use in herbal medicine. It can be used to treat arthritis , headache and lung diseases.


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