Maze rotatable compost bin

Maze rotatable compost bin


Posted 2014-12-12 by Matteo Lorfollow

This is a . It's a relatively simple compost bin to use, and provides the added benefit of aerating the compost each day when it's rotated.

To use, simple open the top of each compost bin and drop your additional compost inside. Close the lid and spin the compost bin.

While it is a good compost bin, there are downsides and problems with them.

Firstly, it can be very difficult to spin the compost bin when it is full of compost. This means that not only does it take multiple people to spin - but it is difficult to empty the compost bin too.

Additionally, if straw or fibrous material is put inside the compost bin, it can get tangled with the internal bar (that allows it to spin). This can clog up the compost bin.

They are generally a little more expensive than just a standard compost bin, but would be recommended for those who want quick compost, and compost small amounts of non-fibrous material.

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