Plectranthus Plepalila Mona Lavender

Plectranthus Plepalila Mona Lavender


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Name: scientific name Plectranthus Plepalila. Common name Mona Lavender


This fast growing, up right stemmed, evergreen plant has dark green glossy leaves on top. While underneath the leaf it will be plum coloured. From late summer and continuing on through to the end of autumn the small, but delicate lavender flowers will bloom quite often.
The Mona Lavender is a great plant for shady to semi-shady areas in the garden mixed floral borders. Planter boxes, pots and hanging baskets under sheltered patios, underneath decks, shady paths and driveways, sunny conservatories or entertainment areas are ideal for this plant.


The plant will grow to a height of approximately 85cm, with a width of about 60cm.


Where the summers are hot this plant will need to be positioned somewhere it is full to partially shaded. It will not tolerate frosts or temperatures below -2Âșc.

The Mona Lavender will tolerate dryness, so plant in a well drained soil. Do not over water. Once a week would be fine and best done late afternoon just before dark. Mulch will help keep enough moisture for the plant to thrive.


The Mona Lavender can be grown from a seed from mature plants and best done in spring or by taking a leafy cutting from new growth in spring or early summer. They will root easily in moist potting mix or water.

When to plant:

If planted in a pot and you need to re-pot into a larger one because it is getting root bound this is best done at the beginning of spring.

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