Stringybark Eucalyptus Eucalyptus obliqua

Stringybark Eucalyptus Eucalyptus obliqua


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Name: Stringybark Eucalyptus, Australian Browntop, Tasmanian Oak (Eucalyptus obliqua)

Description: E. obliqua is a large evergreen hardwood tree native to south-east Australia and Tasmania. It was the first Eucalyptus species to be discovered and documented by expeditions into the Australian mainland and Bruny Island in Tasmania.

Size: This species grows up to 70 - 90 metres in the right conditions with slender limbs and trunks of around 80 cm - 1.5 m diameter.

Detail of the tree crown.

Conditions: E. obliqua is a very drought tolerant and resistant species and will thrive in barren soils by extending the root system deep into the soil, reaching the water table. It is also known to regenerate after fires through so-called lignotubers in the trunk which will spawn new plant shoots.

Fallen limbs, a common sight around Eucalypts.

Propagation: This species propagates by seed.

Detail of the tree trunk.

When to plant: If grown in its native terrain, it can be planted almost all year round, providing there are no periods of intense frost. If grown outside its natural habitat, it should be planted in a greenhouse and grown until a strong trunk and root system has developed before transplanting outside.


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