Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem

Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem


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Name: Scientific name Magnolia grandiflora
Common name Magnolia Little Gem


The large leaves on the Magnolia Little Gem are a dark green colour on top of the leaf and are very glossy to look at. When you turn the leaf over you will find that it is brown in colour. Even though the tree itself, can and will grow very tall if you let it, you can prune it back to create a compact and dense foliage on the tree.

Throughout the summer to autumn months the tree will produce large white fragrant flower. Some will even flower right through the year giving you plenty of flowers along with a beautiful fragrance, but this will depend on where they are located.

This plant is ideal for use as a low hedge or to act as a screen. It can also be planted in lawns as a feature tree, garden beds or large decorative pots.


The width and height growth of the Magnolia Little Gem will vary depending on where you plant the tree and whether you decide to prune the tree or not. Tree height can also vary, but in the first nine to ten years they can grow to somewhere between four to five metres in height and somewhere between two to two and a half metres in width. Once again this will depend where you position the tree.


For this tree to thrive you will need to find the ideal spot. Magnolias do prefer a northerly or easterly sunny spot that has shelter or filtered light from the hot afternoon sun and hot winds. They prefer a temperate climate, rather than somewhere it can be very cold for long periods of time.

These trees grow well in a variety of soil types. For example, trees that are grown in a soil that is moist can handle full sunlight. On the other hand trees grown in dry soil conditions go much better in partial shade.

To promote plenty of lush growth, deep green glossy leaves and plenty of flowers throughout the year you will need to make sure you have plenty of deep mulch around the base of the tree and out to its external diameter. As the tree grows in height and diameter you will have to extend this mulched area, or if in a pot you may have to transplant the tree into a large pot.


Propagation can be achieved by cutting, grafting or seeds.

When to plant:

Even though you can plant a Magnolia throughout spring, summer and autumn you would be better off to plant during the winter and spring months.


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